LOLCAT - The funniest videos of cats

LOLCAT - The funniest videos of cats

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  •  Name : LOLCAT - The funniest videos of cats
  •  Date : 22/07/2017
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Unless you have been locked up at the bottom of a cave in the last 10 years, it is impossible not to know the phenomenon of LOLCAT, these many photos and videos of cats very funny. With the abbreviation "LOL" and the word "CAT", not difficult to understand what it is.

Cats are the kings of the internet and are on track to conquer the world and take power over humans. But later, because now, it is the hour of the siesta.

In the meantime, take full advantage of these funny cats videos and try not to laugh if you are able ;)

Funny cat videos

In funny postures, with unexpected reactions or in the middle of embarrassing situations (sometimes deliberately provoked by their masters), impossible not to laugh while watching these videos of cats!

These cats that act like humans

Cat Fail Compilations, These Cat Failures

The Ninja Cat

Perhaps one of the most famous videos, that of a cat who is now called the Ninja Cat, due to the posture for the less original that it adopts when it is attacked by one of these villains congeners.

The cat that surrender himself

Another well known video, that of this baby cat that gives the impression to "surrender" as soon as his friend stops touching her, so cute!

And you, what is your favorite cat video? Do not hesitate to send them to us or to put them in the comments!

LOLCAT - The funniest videos of cats



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