10 wedding videos that will make you want to dance

10 wedding videos that will make you want to dance

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  •  Date : 16/07/2017
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A wedding is always an opportunity for guests to have fun. When the bride and groom head for the trail, everyone expects to experience an unforgettable moment. Some couples have understood how to make their guests dance, but also anyone who will watch their wedding videos. Here are 10 that will make you want to dance.

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Melissa Molinaro and her bridesmaids

For Melissa Molinaro, dancing at her wedding is a performance that should not go unnoticed. With the help of her bridesmaids, the bride set the stage on fire for impeccable choreography.

Sean Rajaee and his groomsmen

In a similar vein, Sean Rajaee surprised the bride and her guests by improvising a dance with her groomsmen.

The surprise dance of the groomsmen

Newlyweds like to surprise their wives. This video shows a millimeter service, prepared well in advance.

The wedding dance Bollywood version

The trend of wedding dances is popular around the world. In India, the newlyweds are also numerous to be tempted.

Wedding choreography on Nsync Music

Fans of popular songs in the early 2000s will enjoy this wedding choreography on Nsync.

A moment of complicity between father and daughter

In this video, a father and daughter dance at her wedding. The complicity between the two gives sparkle to the choreography.

The first Dirty Dancing dance

The iconic film continues to dream the most romantic. For this couple, Dirty Dancing was an obvious choice for their first dance. Movements studied and a square delivery that were able to smile the guests.

A declaration of mutual love

This couple has chosen a composition of several songs, including the perfect "perfect" Ed Sheeran and the version of "Sway" performed by Michael Bubble. A combination that has become a classic in recent years.

Wedding dance made in Nigeria

This bride has appropriated the trend of wedding dance and personalized it to match her culture. Training, this wedding dance and also full of good mood.

The groom vs the bride

While many opt for surprise, this couple has chosen a battle between the newlyweds and their bridesmaids / groomsmen. The video begins by introducing us to TeamGROOM's choreography, before continuing with TeamBRIDE's choreography. The good mood is at the rendezvous, shows that a wedding choreography can also be fun, uninhibited and catchy.

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10 wedding videos that will make you want to dance



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