All the easter-eggs of Google!

All the easter-eggs of Google!

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  •  Name : All the easter-eggs of Google!
  •  Date : 16/07/2017
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An easter-egg is called a hidden feature, a funny wink to discover more or less by chance. Google is not lacking and offers many easter-eggs on these services such as Youtube, Google Maps or its famous search engine. Discover them (we help you a little, do not worry) and have fun!

There are Google easter eggs that are temporary and deployed on the occasion of a particular event such as Christmas, Easter, the release of a movie or any other occasion.

There are also permanent easter-eggs that you can test yourself to discover the humor that teams from the American company Google can have. We are talking here about permanent easter eggs that you will have plenty of time to test if that tells you.

On the Google search engine

a long time ago in a galaxy far far away

Type "long time ago" in the Google search engine and you will see a nice tribute to the work of George Lucas, Star Wars: the results resumed in the manner of the famous generic.

google in 1998

Type "google in 1998" in the English (and English) Google search engine to see what the engine results pages looked like in the year it was created.

google in 1998 easter egg google

bletchley park

Type "bletchley park" and you'll see a little animation on the right block, paying homage to the UK's historic decryption site.

blink html

By typing "blink html", you will see all occurrences of "blink html" flashing on the results page. Blink was a html tag used to achieve this effect when designing a website. It is now obsolete.

zerg rush

If you want to play, "zerg rush" should please you. This query will show an attack of "o" Google that will gradually destroy all the results of the page. You must frantically click on these "o's" to prevent them from harming. Once all results are destroyed, they will come to the center to form the letters "GG" which means "Good Game" (well played) on the internet but is also a popular way to name Google. A scoreboard is displayed on the right.

do a barrel roll

The request "do a barrel roll" will make a 360 ° turn the page Google.


This one will tilt a little the page of results.

google l33t, google klingon, google pig latin, google bork bork bork, google elmer fudd

After typing one of the 5 previous queries, click on "I'm Lucky" and you'll see Google in amazing languages.

the answer of life

According to Google, the answer of life is none other than ... 42! This query will display a calculator with life's answer: 42. Why? This is an answer proposed in Douglas Adams' book "The Guide to the Galactic Traveler".

conway's game of life

By writing "conway's game of life" on Google, you will see the famous game of life on the right of the screen, which you can then control with a small panel of options.


If you are looking for anagrams with the query "anagram", Google will suggest you to try with "nag a ram" which is not an anagram of "anagram" ...


In the same way, by seeking "recursion", Google will suggest you to try "recursion". An infinite loop in short!

Sur Google Images

atari breakout

Going to the Google Images engine in English, and typing "atari breakout", the results will turn into brick and you can play the famous break-brick directly from the results page.

atari breakout google easter egg

Sur Youtube

do the harlem shake

Do you remember the famous Harlem Shake? Google offers its own version on Youtube. By doing the "do the harlem shake" search, the logo and the results of the page will come alive like a Harlem Shake.

All the easter-eggs of Google!



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