A few technical hits (Tricks) at the baby foot

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  •  Name : A few technical hits (Tricks) at the baby foot
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Whether it's for fans of nice actions, enthusiasts looking for technical shots to learn, or good players who want to master even more new tricks playing the baby foot, this video should please!

Indeed, this german video of 4 minutes reveal some tricks from the front (strikers) as well as the back (defenders), the middle players and even from the goalkeeper. Passing, goals, shooting (direct or not), dribbling, lobs, feints, "playing" with the ball, that is a nice demonstration of what it is possible to do in this sport so popular in bars and other places of encounters.

Here, no tutorials, just beautiful moments that leave dreamers as to the mastery of the babyfoot players of the video: Adrian S., Martin F. and Peter F.

And you, what are your best goals last time you played at the baby? :)

video free to watch
A few technical hits (Tricks) at the baby foot

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