Where The Hell Is Matt (2012)

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Matt became a celebrity on the web after posting videos of him dancing around the world. Historical monuments, symbolic places or original sets, Matt is filmed dancing alone, accompanied by a few people or entire crowds. Seniors, adolescents, babies, everyone is gathered for these great events of joy and good humor.

After several videos posted entitled "Where The Hell Is Matt?" ("Where the hell is Matt?", In French) and many organized trips, here is the 2012 edition of the epic of Matt, which takes us to the 4 corners of the planet.

Whether dressed like local people in South Africa or Saudi Arabia, whether they are with children in Thailand or with young dancers in Serbia in Belgrade, with firefighters in Texas, underwater, in the heart of the largest coral reef in the world off Australia, dancing with wheelchair disabled people in Oakland, California, in the wild steppes of Mongolia, playing with fire in Hawaii, with soldiers in the Pacific Ocean, or with a sea lion in California, Matt dances and gives smiles and gives joy, a lot of joy to those who accompany him during these dances, and that's all that matters no?

Matt punctuates the video in Seattle with his wife and child on his shoulders. The music that accompanies this video is "Trip the Light".

Here are all the states, countries, and places that can be seen in this video: Rwanda, Spain, Austria, United States (Pennsylvania, Michigan, Louisiana, Idaho, Texas, Ohio, Massachusetts, Maryland, Colorado, Washington), Syria, Papua New Guinea, North Korea, Lebanon, Greece, South Africa, Venezuela, Indonesia, Maldive Islands, Zimbabwe, Hungary, Haiti, Iraq, Philippines, Afghanistan, France, China, Israel, Namibia, Puerto Rico, Scotland, Canada, Germany, Slovakia, Australia, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, Japan, Solomon Islands, England, Pakistan, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, Costa Rica, Gaza Strip between Israel and Egypt, Taiwan, Trinidad , Russia, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Mongolia, Hawaii, Pacific Ocean.

Rather not bad to discover the world while having fun, huh?

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Where The Hell Is Matt (2012)


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