Flip Master

Flip Master

technical sheet

  •  Name : Flip Master
  •  Publisher : Miniclip
  •  Platforms : Android, iOS
  •  Price : Free
  •  Size : /
  •  Max number of players : 1 player
  •  Wifi required : No
  •  Comments : 0

Flip Master is a trampoline game in which you have to make maximum points by performing acrobatic tricks during jumps in the air. The characters can be upgraded as you go on to become trampoline acrobats and powerups can help you gain more points!

Our crazy opinion about the game:

Trampoline games are not a lot generally and Miniclip manages to release a very good game that will quickly become the reference of its kind! With a simple gameplay, a long life and graphics more than neat, Flip Master succeeds his bet!

mobile game
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