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Paris, the City of Light, symbol of the world of luxury, fashion, love and romance has it all: majestic monuments, countless museums, an exciting history, artists of all kinds, remarkable architecture ... It's a city that inspires the lucky ones who have the chance to spend time there.

Discover through this list of slideshows pps dedicated to the city of Paris, many photos of its streets, its history, a lot of information on its monuments (Eiffel Tower, Sacré Coeur (Sacred Heart) of Montmartre, the Opera of Paris, the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris, etc.), the creativity of its artists, unusual anecdotes but also tragic events that the city has known, bad weather or attacks, for example.

In broad daylight or during the night, with images and pictures of its past or its more recent history, all these PPS in Paris will instruct you and make you discover the magnificent capital of France in another light.

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The history of the Eiffel Tower continues to fascinate architecture lovers, but also history buffs and tourists visiting the

Paris by night

Paris by night