The biggest shark in the world?

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Deep Blue is the nickname given to one of the largest sharks in the world, a large white shark female of about 7 meters. This majestic creature whose age is estimated at fifty years, was filmed in November 2013 off the coast of the island of Guadalupe, Mexico.

During this video, we can see this giant shark approach the cage in which there are several divers. Very curious, she observes and tests the taste of the cage under the fascinated eyes of the divers inside the cage. One of them does not hesitate to touch her when this giant female passes close to him.

The video is also accompanied by some explanations in English of the diver having been able to realize this experiment which will probably remain engraved forever in his memory. Who would not be fascinated by such a creature who is perhaps the greatest shark in the world?

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The biggest shark in the world?


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