Magic technical gestures with futsal

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Futsal, commonly known as indoor football, is a ball sport very close to classical football. Besides the fact that it is practiced indoors, the futsal is played with 5 players. Generally, a simple handball field is enough to host a match. Although it is not as popular as football, it is in this game that the most spectacular feints take place. This video also testifies to the address of futsal players.

Unlike classical football, indoor football players have very little surface to make their game. The texture of the field as seen in this video also does not offer the necessary grip to handle the ball. Thus, they must ensure more accurate shots and more effective dribbling. In addition, with the narrowness of the field, players are not entitled to the error. Hence their performance to lead the ball as well. And as the video shows, even though the cage of futsal is really less wide than the 7.32 m by 2.44 m of classic football, catching the ball can be very difficult.

With their well-placed footwork and improbable goal, some futsal players will easily compete with the stars of classic football. In this video of 4 minutes, you will discover moreover that the techniques of play are the same as those of football.

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Magic technical gestures with futsal


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