Best of 2016 - Rémi Gaillard

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This video traces some of the most beautiful moments of the different hidden cameras 2016 of Rémi Gaillard!

In this funny video, you will find extracts from Rémi Gaillard as a doctor who has large syringes or suppositories, a firefighter who wants to extinguish the probable beginnings of fire (by refreshing passers-by with his fire extinguisher), as a pirate looking for its lost treasure, as mafia guy, as romantic savior, or even blind guy in the most unlikely situations (close to the void, driving a car, in the opposite direction on an escalator or in the middle of a round- point)

You will also see the animals take control of animal shelter or doing a safari watching humans.

The best way to enjoy it is to watch ;)

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Best of 2016 - Rémi Gaillard


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