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What a beautiful nature... If Earth and nature were to prove it with a video, the one that follows would be perfect. The fauna and flora that are represented are beautifully highlighted with breathtaking images.

We can see during about 6 minutes of wonderful landscapes scroll, without forgetting the animals and the human species in action. Thus, accompanied by a nice music, African peoples, professionals of extreme sports, cheetahs, wild horse races, whales and avalanches are cohabiting within this beautiful video on the nature.

The video transports us to the 4 corners of the planet to make us vibrate with different landscapes (desert, snowy, submarine, etc ...) all very beautiful and where we can see the nature in all its splendor.

And even when nature can seem hard with us, it is splendid ... Eclairs, snowstorms, avalanches, some natural disasters are also in the video.

Among the animals in the video, there are lions, cheetahs, penguins, monkeys, birds, horses, sea lions, polar bears, giraffes and whales. Among all these animals, we can also see many babies.

For extreme sports, there are motocross, snowboarding, skiing, cycling, free fall or funambulism ... all in sumptuous scenery and most acrobatic tricks worthy of the greatest movies Action.

A quote appears in the video "Lose Yourself in Nature and Find Peace" ("Lose yourself in nature and find peace").

The author of the video (EdisProduction) has added other video of the same kind that we can only advise you to see and it is also highly possible that you find some on the site soon.

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Awesome X : Beautiful Moments


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