Attacks of great white sharks in slow motion

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Admire in this video several attacks of great white sharks filmed in Slow Motion. We have plenty of time to watch the predator leap from below the surface to hit its prey (especially sea lions), which then have almost no chance of escaping as the impact is strong and powerful. Fascinating, sharks leap out of the water like torpedoes to surprise their incredulous prey.

The speed and strength of the shark's attack is such that the prey is usually stunned instantly, as well as being caught in the tearing jaw of the shark. Indeed, a large white shark weighs between 700kg and 2 tons on average. In addition, sharks know almost instantly at the moment of impact whether the prey will suit them or not, in which case they will release it.

The video is accompanied by some explanations in English and begins with a shot on sea lions swimming.

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Attacks of great white sharks in slow motion


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