A pretty girl and surprising shots billiards

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In this nice video of billiards, we see a series of beautiful shots and surprising effects with a billiard in the company of a very pretty girl (blonde and skirt) and a great billiard player.

Admittedly, the pretty girl helps a lot to make the video (very, very) interesting and billiards attractive. It also allows the billiard player to be able to shine with impressive shots and impossible to achieve without his help (as when holding the triangle in the air). It also adds to the difficulty by reducing the visibility of the technician on the entire carpet.

You will understand, the billiard player is illustrated with many impressive billiard techniques showing all the side "show" of the sport. Here is a variety of actions performed during the video:

- effects ;
- jumps;
- enter different balls in different holes;
- shooting in motion;
- chain many jumps;
- multiply bands;
- combine effects and bands;
- make jumps by holding his tail with one hand;
- put the ball in the girl's handbag;
- make saus very high and moving;
- etc ...

 So this is a series of action that will surely have required hours and hours of work and a lot of passion, but the result is there and the show is at the rendezvous!

video free to watch
A pretty girl and surprising shots billiards


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