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This slideshow is nothing more than a few thirty slides presenting beautiful photos of cities known from the four corners of the planet when the night fell ...

Accompanied by a beautiful melody, we discover beautiful images of cities from many different countries.

Among the cities in photo under the night present in this slideshow are the following cities:

  • Amsterdam;
  • London;
  • Dubai;
  • Paris;
  • Dublin;
  • Rome;
  • Dusseldorf;
  • Metz;
  • Brussels ;
  • New York ;
  • Bern;
  • Frankfurt;
  • Sidney;
  • Hamburg;
  • Tokyo;
  • Cologne;
  • Chicago;
  • Heidelberg;
  • Venice;
  • Etc ...

It makes you want to download the slideshow to see more, is not it?

slideshow PPS free to download
29 slides - 5.7 Mo

pictures of the slideshow


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