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This pps presents us with pretty pictures of what the famous Vatican Museums contain. It takes us to the rhythm of a sweet melody to visit the many galleries of works of art. Whether mosaic floors, beautiful paintings, beautiful frescoes or statues in the complex, we take full view of the beauty of the architecture of the place and the beauty of the works of art. 'art.

We also see the famous bible of the Vatican Museum, an Egyptian mummy or the sight of the vault of the Sistine Chapel.

The slideshow does not end up recapitulating what the complex of Vatican Museums understands, so there is:

The Egyptian Museum;
The Museum of Roman Antiquities;
The Museum of Greek and Roman Antiquities;
The Etruscan Museum;
Rooms with Flemish tapestries;
Rooms with geographical maps;
Raphael's Chambers;
The apartments Borgia;
The Sistine Chapel ;
The secular Gregorian Museum;
The Ethnological Missionary Museum.

And you, have you had the opportunity to visit these galleries?

Extract from the slideshow:

"The Vatican Museums complex is a unique heritage of humanity!" During the Renaissance, the Popes were the first rulers to publicize their collection of works of art Today, the Vatican boasts almost 7 kilometers of galleries a pure wonder, a beauty and an extraordinary talent."

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