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The moon is a star that is often associated with romance. Captivating, she brings beauty to the night. Observed at night, it highlights aspects of nature on which one does not linger in the middle of the day. The beauty of the moon is highlighted in this slideshow with beautiful landscapes at dusk. The star, clear and flamboyant, attracts the attention of photographers from around the world. In this slideshow, we see that the moon is a real object of fascination for the human being. Its shape, its splendor and its light bring a particular aspect to our environment.

The landscapes highlighted in this slideshow remind us that the moon is also an aesthetic asset for your photos. Throughout the pages, we discover its reflections on the ocean, its curve overlooking the mountains or its particular color behind the silhouette of a countryman. This slideshow immerses us in exceptional settings that the moon magnifies. From the mythical cities of Europe to the most remote corners, the moon is represented in its many facets. The document shows us how photographers perceive the aura of this star, and how they chose to do it justice.

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