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The history of the Eiffel Tower continues to fascinate architecture lovers, but also history buffs and tourists visiting the city of light. The slideshow dedicated to this monument presents the main lines. The document explores the past of the famous tower, and recalls anecdotes that are not necessarily known to the general public. The project of Gustave Eiffel is summarized in a rich and well documented slideshow. From the validation of the project to its finalization, the document looks at the course of the builders to set up a monument of great scale.

At the time of its realization, this type of project represented a real challenge for entrepreneurs. The desire to promote French know-how wins out, and encourages manufacturers to surpass themselves. Huge means are mobilized for the Eiffel Tower to be built in the given times. The slideshow recalls each step of this project. While the industrial age was at an advanced stage of development, entrepreneurs had to be resourceful to ensure the strength of construction. Each stage of the project is illustrated by archival photos extremely well preserved. You do not only see the realization of an architectural project, you see the evolution of the Paris environment.

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