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This is how the slideshow begins: "Who has never photographed a statue in the street or at the museum?" If many like to pose for souvenir photos, some are much more creative. are the occasion to put on stage, and it must be said that the result is often very funny Zoom in image on these hilarious photos shared here and there on the web by their authors with the well sharpened humor.

Indeed, few of us in their lifetime have missed out on a fun statue without taking a photo and keeping a rather amusing memory of these passages. This is the case of these different people who have been creative and have not failed to make it known for our greatest pleasure.

This pps of 26 slides presents 25 situations in hairy situations. Baby or adult, alone or with others, the protagonists are varied but all have an overflowing imagination!

A poor man beaten, another slapped or others threatened with blows by these statues, that's what to expect! But we must also mention these statues somewhat vicious, these skeletons playing chess, these characters adept alcoholic beverages or those who too busy to cuddle that they are stolen without forgetting a nice dance between 2 babies. Smiles guaranteed!

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