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If you love animals... it's not ready to end. If you like tenderness either. Indeed, this nice pps gives us more than 40 beautiful photos filled with love and tenderness, all accompanied by a very sweet melody. And the protagonists of these signs of affection are none other than our animal friends.

Sometimes with humans, sometimes between them, be they dogs, cats (or baby cats!), Big cats, rodents, horses, birds, goats, they prove to us once more that the Tenderness can arise in unexpected circumstances or between different races.

Indeed, we can see in this pps a cat on the back of a dog, a Yorkshire sniff tenderly a small bird, a large dog hold in his paws a small rodent with a wondering look or a tiger, holding by the paw another dog, while sucking the breasts of a bitch who lets himself be staring at monkeys in cages.

With a lot humor, this pps offers us also to enjoy some crazy scenes between humans and animals around a barbecue, playing chess, making funny faces or eating chocolate.

You do not believe in it ? So do not wait any longer and discover these images for yourself by downloading this slideshow pps!

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