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Long and shrinking

What lengthens and shrinks at the same time?

Well kept

The more guards I have, the less I am kept. The fewer guards I have, the more I am kept. Who am I ?

A puzzle in 6 months

Why is a blonde very happy when she has finished a puzzle in 6 months?

Without feet, without wings and without eyes

I walk without feet, I fly without wings and I cry without eyes. Who am I ?

The difference between Jurassic Park and Microsoft

What is the difference between Jurassic Park and Microsoft?

A blonde with buckets of water

What is a blonde running around her house with a bucket of water in each hand?

Falling without noise

I fall without making a noise. Who am I ?

The price of the bottle

A bottle of wine costs $20. The content costs $19 more than the empty bottle. How much does the empty bottle cost?

Doubling the value of a Lada

How do you double the value of a Lada?